Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery represents the harmony of function and form!

Medical aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments are performed using hyaluronic acid, botox, biofiber or other high-quality fillers.

Medical cosmetology

With medical-level cosmetic treatments, the skin is kept young and replenished with the necessary nutrients.

Permanent hair removal

Permanent, painless and fast. Get rid of unwanted hair!


Alma laser

With the help of high-tech Alma laser skin rejuvenation treatments, the patients' natural beauty is even more prominent, and their skin becomes smoother, younger and healthier. We also make available the most modern, clinically proven efficient Alma laser technologies in Hungary. Alma has globally recognized technologies and brand names: UniPolar, SHR, ClearLift, Harmony XL Pro, BeautiFill, Alma-Hybrid, FemiLift and Soprano.


Morpheus - BodyTite - FaceTite

BodyTite is a radiofrequency assisted liposuction and lipophilic device for facial and body rejuvenation. The device has patented InMode Technology (RFAL – Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction) technology, which enables body and face contouring in a minimally invasive way, which until now was only possible with surgeries, punctures and cuts, including three-dimensional shrinking of the dermis.