Alma laser

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Soprano ICE Platinum


By combining the 3 wavelengths most suitable for SA laser hair removal - Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG, we achieve outstanding results compared to mono systems.

  • Painless treatment.
  • Alma Lasers' patented SHRTM technology allows us to perform faster treatments by moving the handpiece.
  • Using its 3 in 1 handpiece, we can simultaneously treat three wavelengths: 755nm, 810nm & 1064nm, which is effective on any skin and hair type.
  • ICETM technology enables contact cooling.
  • We can treat any area of the body.

Harmony XL Pro Special Edition

It is also suitable for skin tightening, treatment of vascular changes, pigment spot and tattoo removal, acne and scar treatment.

  • With the device, we can perform 65 types of FDA-certified treatments.
  • With the help of the device, we have different technologies at our disposal, which can be combined with each other in order to achieve more spectacular results.
  • Using the ClearLift 4D handpiece, we can control how deeply we treat the skin.
  • ClearSkin - the laser head is combined with cooled vacuum technology for acne treatment.
Soon available..
Soon available..

Alma Dermaclear

3 in 1: Synergistic solution - Deep cleaning, nourishment and hydration - with a unique 360° rotatable head and powerful suction power. Our best skin cleansing treatment to remove impurities.

  • DermaClear is an outstanding stand-alone treatment as well as a mandatory preparation phase recommended before various skin rejuvenation treatments. It also offers amazing results as a pre-treatment for various skin procedures. It is undoubtedly the most effective procedure available on the market today.
  • Introduction of active substances into the skin.
  • Unique rotating silicone tip for deep cleaning.
  • Excellent laser pre-treatment for better results.