Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal - Laser hair removal

At our clinic, our patients can use the most effective and state-of-the-art laser hair removal, during which we use three high-tech treatments: two Lumenis and one ALMA Soprano Titanium laser to achieve the desired effect, silky, soft, velvety and hairless skin.

Thanks to the TitanLight hair removal protocol, we can say goodbye to razors, unwanted hairs, folliculitis and ingrown hairs. We can permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the entire body, including your face and other sensitive areas. (The treatment involves minimal pain.)

TitanLight protocol: The 3 different devices deliver the laser light into the skin in different ways and at different depths, so that each hair receives the appropriate energy in a targeted manner. The treatment is permanent, as only fluff can grow from the hair follicle once destroyed.

Before the treatment, we invite the patient to an expert consultation, where we prepare a personalized treatment plan suitable for their skin.

Effective treatment is possible for almost all skin types and hair thicknesses, thanks to adjustable energy levels.

2 weeks before the treatments (4 weeks for the face) it is necessary to avoid strong sunlight and the use of the solarium, and a month and a half before the treatment, the use of a stronger sunscreen should be started on the body parts to be treated. On the day before hair removal, please shave the area to be treated.

Between occasions, you can only shave with a razor, on average 8 weeks must pass between laser hair removals. This period may vary from person to person, depending on the intensity of hair growth.